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Espen Færøvig

Espen Færøvig

University of Oslo, Norway

Dr F'r'vig took his undergraduate and postgraduate training at the University of Oslo Norway. He has been a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Orthodontics since 1997, particularly affiliated to the postgraduate program as clinical instructor, but also as a supervisor of the postgraduates' specialist theses. Throughout this period, he has been running his specialist clinic in Telemark, solely devoted to orthodontics. Espen F'r'vig is an active member of Angle Society of Europe. As a member of the Board of the Norwegian Association of Orthodontists, he has been involved in the activity of the association for many years. He has been invited as a speaker at national and international conferences. His main topic of interest is lower incisor extraction, root resorption and adult interdisciplinary treatment.



"PDL our best friend"

PDL (periodontal ligament) is the surrounding tissue of a tooth that makes things happen;

Both vertically and horizontally

How can we clinically use PDL to improve the outcome of our patients in interdisciplinary treatment..?

How much PDL do we need..?

The lecture will give examples of treatment planning and options using the PDL to influence alveolar bone and soft tissue for the benefit of the patients

Aims, Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

Aims : To provide an overview of what we can do if we plan well together from the start

Objectives : The lecture will show you some examples of what is possible to do in difficult interdisciplinary treatments if you can handle the PDL correctly.

Learning outcomes : This presentation will hopefully give you some input for handling your future interdisciplinary treatments.