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Postgraduate course: "Biomechanics - temporary anchorage devices"

12 Jun 2023
Big Auditorium, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo

Aim: to introduce basic biomechanics of common orthodontic treatments and protocols emphasizing the most modern techniques within the world of skeletal anchorage.

Objectives: to give the participants a sound insight into orthodontic biomechanics and to give them the building stones to be able to understand and improve their treatment plans and techniques in the future.

Learning outcomes:

  • To be able to understand and utilize basic and sound biomechanics to build up treatment plans.
  • To be able to sketch and construct orthodontic appliances and the biomechanics needed to fulfil treatment objectives.
  • To be able to measure and analyze treatment mechanics.
  • To be able to evaluate treatment stability and prognoses.
  • To be able to identify reasons for side effects and biomechanical problems and to be able rethink and rebuild new treatment strategies
Salah Abbas - The Dental School of Copenhagen, Denmark