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A new orthopedic approach using clear appliances S8-SGTB and S8-SGHB to correct severe jaw discrepancies

15 Jun 2023
Auditorium, Oslo Spektrum

Severe malocclusions with skeletal elements impose a challenge to the current orthodontic specialty. Simple appliances such as brackets with archwires may not address complicated skeletal defects due to their inadequate impact on bone structures. Orthopedic approaches have proven to be effective solutions to the skeletal anomalies. The specially designed and customized manufactured clear orthopedic appliances, including sagittally guided twin block (S8-SGTB), modified Herbst (S8-SGHB) and a variety of tailored clear appliances, are used to modify the growth patterns of the oral facial bone structures and therefore to correct jaw discrepancies efficiently and effectively. Radiographic evidence in condylar new bone formation generated by mandibular advancement inspires an encouraging impetus to orthopedic modalities. S8-SGTB and S8-SGHB also demonstrate promising efficacy in treating malocclusions concurring with TMD, due to their effects in provoking adaptive remodeling of TMJ condyles in response to mandibular repositioning. This lecture will present an overview on the latest advances in clinical orthodontics evidenced by a wealth of literature review and beautifully finished cases.



Gang Shen

Sponsored by

Smartee Clear Aligner System

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