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Canine Inclusion: Treatment Strategies and clear aligners

13 Jun 2023
Auditorium, Oslo Spektrum

The purpose of this presentation is to fill in the gap between existing literature regarding the treatment of impacted canines and the needs of orthodontists’ in the digital age.  With a thorough review of existing literature, we found that few authors have, in fact, explored the use of clear aligners to treat this type of malocclusion.  We followed Farzin Heravi's clinical protocol suggested in 2016 for conventional orthodontics dividing each treatment into two phases, the first of which is conducted with temporary anchorage devices (TADs) for tooth recovery.  Subsequently, we realized the orthodontic teeth movements with aligners customizing the treatment plan and the biomechanics with ClinCheck® treatment planning software.

Our observations suggest that a combination of temporary anchorage devices (TADs) and aligners can be an effective therapy for impacted canines.

Riccardo Capuozzo, Graduated in Dentistry and Postgraduated in Orthodontics - Align Technology / RC Ortodonzia, Naples

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