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EJO Open Session: The EJO aligner battle – evidence, clinical considerations and individual perspectives

14 Jun 2023
Auditorium, Oslo Spektrum

Hear 3 high high concise presentations (full presentations from each of the speakers has been recorded in advance and is available here), giving 3 different opinions on this hot topic. The idea is to highlight the good and the not-so-good things about orthodontic aligners and to help clinicians make informed decisions. 

The speakers will focus on the current state of affairs and will take a look into the future. It will be a lively session with a chance for you to participate with your comments and questions.


SUBSTANTIAL aligner user (Nikhilesh Vaid)

ZERO aligner user (Dirk Wiechmann)

HYBRID aligner user (Björn Ludwig)

Join us for a provocative session


David Rice, University of Helsinki - University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital
Björn Ludwig
Dirk Wiechmann
Nikhilesh Vaid
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