Abstract Submission

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Abstract Submission

Submission Guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentations

The European Orthodontic Society invites authors to submit abstracts for selection and inclusion in the Scientific Programme of the EOS2023 Annual Congress, to be held in Oslo, Norway, from the 11-15 June 2023.

The deadline for abstract submission is Sunday 4 December 2022 at 23:59 CET. Abstracts received after that date will not be evaluated. 

Submission Guidelines

1. Abstracts can be submitted for selection and inclusion as an oral presentation, and/or as a scientific or clinical poster.

2. Abstracts should focus on one of the congress topics:

  • Evidence-based orthodontic practice – are we there yet?
  • Impacted and ectopic teeth: orthodontic management
  • Periodontium and orthodontics – in health and disease 
  • Free topics

3. Each participant may submit up to two abstracts as a presenting author, either an oral and poster OR two posters. It is not possible to submit the same abstract for both oral and poster presentations. The number of oral presentations is limited and, if an abstract is not accepted for oral presentation, it will be automatically changed to a poster.

4. Only five authors can be included in any one abstract.

5. On entering the abstract submission for the first time, submitters will need to create a new account. The selected login name and password can be used to view or amend the draft abstract before it is submitted by the deadline of 4 December 2022 at 23:59 CET. Once submitted, the abstract cannot be modified. You will receive an email acknowledgement confirming receipt. If you do not receive an acknowledgment, please contact: [email protected]

6. Abstracts should contain no more than 350 words (excluding the title) and must be written in English and structured in the following format:

  • TITLE: In CAPITALS (80 words, including spaces).  Do not use abbreviations (e.g. does RT-PCR represent reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction or real-time polymerase chain reaction?).
  • AIM: An introductory sentence indicating the objectives and purpose of the study.
  • MATERIALS (or SUBJECTS) AND METHOD: A description of the methodology, including statistical evaluation.
  • RESULTS: A summary of the results (a statements such as 'the result will be discussed' is not acceptable).
  • CONCLUSIONS: A statement of the study's conclusions.

Figures, tables and illustrations may not be included in the abstract.

7. All submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee prior to deciding whether or not they can be accepted in the final programme. It is the submitting author's responsibility to ensure that the abstract is accurate and well written. 

8. Notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent by email to the submitting author by 10 March 2023.  If you have not received information concerning the abstract by that date please contact: [email protected].

9. Only abstracts submitted by authors who have paid their congress registration fee in full by 3 April 2023 will be included in the final programme and published.

10. All accepted poster presenters will be given a certificate at the end of the conference.

11. All accepted scientific posters will be published in the October issue of the European Journal of Orthodontics. EOS members receive the journal as part of their subscription.

12. Please be aware that your submission must comply with the Radiation Protection and will be judged by European Standards. Reviewers may reject submissions that do not comply. Radiation Protection: clinical practice, recommendations, regulations and legislation regarding the use of ionizing radiation in medicine and dentistry varies between countries.

13. The annual prizes of the European Orthodontic Society will be considered and awarded for best scientific posters and best clinical poster. The winners will be judged at the Congress and presented with the award certificate and monetary prize at the Awards Ceremony.

Francesca Miotti Award for Best Clinical Poster

Following a kind donation to the EOS in memory of Francesca Miotti, an award has been instigated in her name.  A sum of £750 (or the equivalent in Euros), together with a certificate, will be awarded to the best clinical poster. 

This award is open to both members and non-members.

EOS Scientific Poster Awards


Up to five awards each with a value of £750 (or Euro equivalent), together with an inscribed certificate, are available for the five scientific posters, identified by the committee of judges, on any topic displaying the best information, presentation and research. 

All accepted scientific posters are automatically eligible for these awards.